You have an event you want streamed.

And, yes, it is affordable.

Contact us, and we will make it happen. We provide video and streaming technology, a presenter and everything else needed to bring the show to fruition.

Use to publicise your  events and to send good wishes to people who can’t be present.

Afterwards, the video goes up on YouTube, if you so wish, so that it can be watched who actually attended it – and many more besides.

We have found in some cases that more people watch the streaming than actually attend the event. And one thing to bear in mind – you are probably videoing the event already: for not a huge amount extra you will still get that archive video, but you will get the buzz of a live programme, the worldwide audience and  the real sense that your event has gone to the next level.

Please contact us with your requirements.

Packages tailored depending on:

  • Duration of the event – how long will we be there?
  • Location – how far have we to travel?
The simple checklist for community and cultural groups is HERE